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Laser Cataract Surgery, $19,000 

Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgical operations. About 95% of those have improved vision after this surgery. The latest Phacoemulsification is to apply ultrasound technology to remove cataract and replace it with an artificial lens. This new procedure creates an incision size of a mere 2mm which results in safer and quicker recovery.

Healthy Eyes

Our eyes functions like a camera to record images that occur in

daily life. Human eyes work similar to the camera, but more complex.

The light through the cornea (the eye surface transparent parts) will

be twists and turns, and the central part of the pupil (the black eyes)

is similar to the camera's aperture to control the degree of light

entering the eye. 

There is a transparent lens at the back of the iris and pupil. The lens is bis in-convex shapes and is used to twists and turns light rays (just like of the lens of the Camera), so the light could accurately focus on the retina and thus the image is formed.

Then the retina will send signals to the brain and the brain will create a real-time image. Therefore when the retina is damaged, the image will change and get blurred.

What is Cataract?


It refers to the clouding and hardening of natural crystalline lens.

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