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Preparation Before the Surgury 

• Take a shower and wash your hair before the surgery.

• Please have breakfast or lunch before the surgery. 

• Patients who take long-term medications are advised to discuss with us for guidance.

• Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases or asthma are advised to bring their own medications on the day of surgery.

• Please ask your family or friend(s) to accompany you home after surgery.

• Do not wear tight top.

• Do not put on eye make-up or hair accessories.

Care After the Surgury

• Take extra care when bathing and washing your hair to avoid getting soap and water into the eye for one week.

• Avoid rubbing or pressing the eyes.

• Follow doctor’s instruction when applying the eye drops or medications.

• Wear the protective shields provided when sleeping.

• Strenuous contact sports such as boxing, football, karate, etc. should not be attempted for a period of time as advised by the doctor.

• If you should experience any significant eye discomfort or suspect any eye complications, please contact our clinic at 2398-8850 during office hour or go to the nearest clinic for consultation during non-office hour.

• Remember to keep your appointment with the doctor or optometrist, as follow up care is important.

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