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Preparation before surgury

​1. The surgery will take about 30 minutes.


2. Contact lenses wearers must stop wearing their lenses prior to the surgery:


  • Soft lenses: stop wearing for 1 week

  • Soft toric lenses: stop wearing for 2 week

  • Rigid gas-permeable or hard lenses: stop wearing for 3 week


3. On the day of surgery, you can eat as normal and take any medication as usual.

4. You are recommended to wear comfortable cotton clothes with buttons or zippers in the front, and to avoid wearing woolen clothes or pullovers.


5. Stop using eye cosmetics, eye care products, and volatile substances like perfume, cologne and hair spray, etc. on the day of surgery.


6. You are recommended to wash your hair before coming to the Laser Refractive Surgery and Cataract Centre as you cannot do so for 1 - 2 days after the surgery.


7. You are expected to be accompanied by a relative or friend when leaving.

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