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Some people may think LASIK surgery is painful but actually it is NOT!


If you are fear of the pain or the noise during the surgery. Please watch the feedbacks from the patients and it will change your perception towards LASIK Surgery. 



Source from: Mongkok Eye Centre

​updated on 20 June 2013

Comments from Patients

All staffs are very nice!! 所有的員工都非常不錯!

Doctor & nurses are very nice. 醫生和護士都很和善友好。

Doctor and nurse are very nice. 醫生和護士都很有善親切。

Doctor is very patient! I highly recommended!! Thank you everybody. I am very satisfied. 醫生有耐心講解,我極力推介給大家。 我很滿意。

Good take care to the patient 很好地照顧病人

Outstanding services, professional consultation by doctor, amicable staff with patience & cheerful attitude.優秀的服務,由專業醫生諮詢,友好的工作人員有耐性及開朗的態度。

Very Good! Thank you! 很好,謝謝!

Very professional doctors, very caring nurses. Although I was very anixious before the surgery, I found the whole thing was smooth and doc and nurses gave me confident and made me calm. Thx. 很專業的醫生,非常有愛心的護士。雖然我是在手術前非常緊張,但我發現整個事情進行得順利,醫生和護士給了我信心,讓我平靜。謝謝。




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Feedbacks and Comments from Patients

We are aiming to provide quality and comprehensive ophthalmic services to public and we hope to assist more people to eliminate their dependence on spectacles or contact lens. The video and comments below are from MEC patients and according to our research, more than 90% of patients are satisfied with our services. 

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